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Multiple people that tried to use scrapers with varying success. Or at least this is what I’ve heard around the web and from other people I’ve talked to.
I remember last years class @ Rosewood that we spent some time sharpening and using the card scraper with pretty good success.  Pretty amazing what a small burr can do.  If you only get dust, you did not do a good job and sharpening the scraper.
I was at the Montreal Hand tool event from Lie Nielsen and Deneb Puchalski did a demo on sharpening the scraper which was a simple procedure that takes about 5 minutes on water stones.  Tried it tonight and it works.
Also had a chance to see in operation a large scraping plane and see the finish that it leaves on a board.  Always was hesitant on buying one of those and I now know what to expect.  Not sure yet I have the work that warrants this type of plane.  But I now know what it can do

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