Workbench Roubo

I’ve completed my Roubo workbench about 5 months ago.  The design is based on the design included in Chris Schwarz book “Workbenches : From design and theory to construction and use”.  With a few modifications….
For one, the length is a little bit smaller then the plans, where space in the shop is a bit more limited.  I also adapted the height of the bench to my height, using the small finger trick. This workbench will be mainly a hand tool workbench so it’s a bit on the low side.
I also added a nice addition to the original design : A Benchcrafted Tail Vise on the right side of the bench. For this one, I must credit Shannon Rogers @ the renaissance woodworker.  After catching up on his podcast, I built a Roubo and included the tail vise.
I must agree that since the completion of the bench, it really is “cool” to use a work bench.  The sheer mass of this modeled piece of wood is impressive.  I really like it and was worth the time to build it.  Not sure I would redo such massive joints in the very near future 🙂


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