Dust Collection – Update Dust Deputy

From the last post, I did mention that I did get a Dust Deputy from Oneida.  I got the deluxe kit, which included the cyclone, 2 5 gallons buckets and accessories for different mounting options.
I did have a chance to put it to the test, picking up some different kind of dust and also some routing with my Festool router and the results are amazing.  No dust into the vacuum and I did generate some dust and nothing within the vacuum and all the dust got sucked from the routing.
I guess that the combination of Festool very good dust collection and the use of a small cyclone does the trick to pick up pretty much all the generated dust that was “thrown” at it.
I can also testify to the documentation claims that came with the cyclone that the biggest chips might not clear completely and by just powering down the vacuum, clears the dust from the top of the cyclone.  Nothing big of a deal in my opinion.
Very nice product and would recommend to people to look into this addition for the portable dust collection jobs.  Really worth it.
Festool CT26 with Oneida Dust Deputy

Bruno Quesnel

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