Small Tool Dust Collection

As I am still working on the entertainement center for my sister, I got to sand most of the parts and was faced with not really being satisfied with the dust collection for my sander and in the way the connection for the dust collection was designed.

Also, the dust collection was not the only thing I was not happy with and was looking at changing to something better.  After looking for a while, I decided to go with the Festool© ETS 150/3 sander.  I also got the bundled version with the CT26 dust extractor.   I already owned a Festool© router (OF1400) so hooking everything up was pretty much a breeze to integrate the whole system together.

What also makes the system a charm is that I already baught an Oneida Dust Deputy before the Festool purchases and virtually no dusts gets into the CT26.  Some of the festures of the CT26 that I really like are the control of the suction and the tool triggered vaccuum.
Here is the combo hooked up together :

So now I believe that I now have a system that can accomodate most of my portable or smaller tools dust collection needs and keeping the production of airborn dust under control for these specific tools.  It does not address the bigger tools need, nor was it ever intended to address these needs.

Yes it’s Festool and it is not cheap compared to other alternative. Yes I like the system and willing to wait to pay for the system and the integration that the system has to offer.  Is it always the “best” tool? Not always.  Other alternative available ? Definetly.

But this works for me and it works well for what I need to accomplish in the realm that Festool has to offer.
Stay Tuned

Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site