Veritas Large Router Plane

It’s been a few months now that the holidays are finished and had the time to play around with one of my gifts, the Veritas Large Router Plane.  Here is a picture :

Veritas grand routeur plan
Veritas grand routeur plan

Since I’ve been a member for the Hand Tool School, there was a few planes that I wanted to add to the collection and the large router plane was one of them.  After seeing the different lessons that were present within the first semester on how it performed in so many tasks helped convinced me to get one.
I first started with the traditional sharpening of the iron (as on any new plane).  Did not have to do much, knowing the reputation of the Veritas/Lee Valley planes.  The iron on the planes come very good out of the box and this one came as no exception.
In the shop, I unfortunately had very little experience yet with the tool as I did not have the opportunity to use the tool to it’s full potential, but upcoming projects will be putting this tool to the test that I am sure, will accomplish with success.
You can find more information on this plane on the Lee Valley Web site through this link
More to come.

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