Veritas Small Plow Plane

It’s been a few month now that the holidays are finished and had the time to play around with one of my gifts, the Veritas Small Plow Plane.  Here is a picture :

Varitas Small Plow Plane
Varitas Small Plow Plane

This is one of the joinery plane that makes my life so much easier then setting up a router, except for the longer runs where grooves are necessary, specially close to the edge of a board (typically drawer components).  Not to say that I don’t setup either the router table or hand held router once in a while, but the plow plane does the job and without the noise and dust from the router setup.
First order of business was to sharpen the iron (baught the default size iron of 1/4″), which was pretty easy to do, as Lee Valley does a pretty good job out of the box with there irons to be flat and pretty sharp.  But still tuned it a little bit on the stones and after about 5 minutes, the iron was back in the plane for test cuts.
My experience with the plane, although short in time is very good and the next few project should prove the value of the plane in small drawer making and small boxes.
IF you want to get more information on the plane, please consult the Lee Valley web site through this link and make sure you order the proper hand side that best fits you or order both.  Pretty sure the Lee Valley folks will be pretty happy.

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