Small tool dust collection – Update

Was looking at the Festool Youtube channel about an episode on the CT26 regarding the self-cleaning bag.  This got me thinking about the state of my setup described in an earlier post, describing my small tool dust collection setup, not requiring the big dust collector.
Included footage showed the difference inside the CT vacuum of using a bag (virtually no sign of dust) versus not using one (visibly signs of dust close to the filter and other area of the upper body of the vacuum).
Well I did put in the bag in the vacuum but also, use the Oneida Dust Deputy as a first stage to capture the dust.
This is what the content of the dust bin looks like inside the Dust Deputy :
And also looked at the inside of the vacuum, just to be curious to see what the combination of the cyclone separator and  bag would do and here it is
Pretty clean right ? Well, I was expecting this a little bit as I have to stage of filtering, the dust deputy for most of the dust and the bad inside the vacuum.  I checked also for the potential content inside the bag and although I have not removed it from the vacuum, it feels pretty empty.  I’m pretty sure there must be pretty fine dust inside the bag, but the content is pretty light.
This just to say that the closest you can capture the dust to the source, the better it is. I think that this combo, cyclone separator and bag, seems to be doing a pretty good job at containing the dust.  This setup is a keeper.

Bruno Quesnel

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