Getting kids interested – Woodworking and others

I am the proud father of 2 nice little ladies – 5 years old and 11 months old.  The oldest shares many interest of young girls of her age but is also interested in daddies workshop to do woodworking.  She has been for a little while.

She is curious with tools and the big stores like Home Depot and other like them.  She even have participated into a few build activities targeted for kids and parents to help out.

The challenge is to get activities that requires short attention span and get them to try different things.  Security is also very important and she has her set of muffle and security glasses. The use of tools is also limited to some of the safest in the shop and she also uses hand tools for some operation, all with the help of daddy.

These also gets here to work with her hand and see what she has done, gets her out to do something else then being in front of the computer or tablet.  Yes I was also brought up in front of a computer, but very proud to have some agility with my hand and be appreciative for it.  I hope this is one of the values I can transmit to my kids.

One of the main thing I like to do with my kids is to try to get them to try as many things as possible.  As they get older, they will show different interest and what they like should get clearer as they get older.  If getting kids interested in woodworking is one activity that gets them too try out stuff, well, I think I will have done something good for them.

Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site