Lie Nielsen Montreal Hand Tool Event

Well, Lie Nielsen was in Montreal for another Hand Tool Event this year and again, I added to the collection of tools.
This time around, I brought my dad with me to show up the many hand tools and try them for real and see some “odd-looking tools but after explaining, they made sense.
Part of the tools that I added to the collection :
– Low angle smoother

  • Well I’ve had my eyes on this one for a little while. Like the versatility of the blade that it can be sharpen to a certain angle and convert the plane with a simple swap to a higher angle.  I bought a second blade just for that to give options
  • Will it completely replace my #4, also from Lie Nielsen, well I don’t think so.  I think both planes will complement themselves, depending on the situation.

Lie Nielsen Low Angle Smoother
Lie Nielsen Low Angle Smoother

– Dovetail saw

  • Well, I covered the subject in another post, where I wanted to get a finer tooth count for a dovetail saw, so getting the regular 15ppi saw was the ideal time to address the need.

– Second marking gauge

  • Got a second marking gauge, well actually a cutting gauge in the TiteMark2.  I already own one and getting a second one offers some convenience for different measurement while keeping the previous setting. 

If they repeat the event next year, I will most probably be present and visit once more and look at what they have to offer.  There is always a list of tools to be filled. Agreed some of them are specialized, but being just that can same time in your woodworking.  It is a matter of judging if it is worth your while.  One thing for sure, you have the ability to try out the tool.  If you decide to buy a specific tool, you will at least have tried it, not just because the picture looks good on the company website our their catalog.
For that, the ability to try, weighs a lot in the balance.  Wish other manufacturer would do more so that you can try or view their product.

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