New Festool "Green" Tools

Few weeks back, Lee Valley did some demo week-end for New Green Tools,  or Festool power tools.  Green because of their colour. I paid a visit to the Ottawa store, the one closest to Montreal with one main intention, convince me of any remaining doubts to by their new introduced/upgraded Festool track saw TS 55REQ.

Festool Tracksaw TS55 REQ
Festool TS55 REQ TrackSaw

I’ve heard of Festool a few years ago in the different magazine and through some online videos.  At the time, I was looking at changing my router for many reasons, dust collection and variable speed were top of the list as features.  My chance came when a store close to Montreal were doing there annual under the tent sale, where Festool had a booth to promote their product.
I did buy the OF1400 during this event, was hooked and got curious about their product.  I concentrated on the woodworking side of their product, although I know that offer other product for other industries.
So during the event that Lee Valley presented, I was looking at the Track saws for a while and was pretty convinced of the Festool product and with the integration of the system, specially that I could also integrate the track with the router I already owned for straight cuts.
But don’t get me wrong, yes Festool is not cheap and I do believe that you get for what you pay for, within limits.  I do believe, for me, that Festool does offer this value/price point that I am willing to pay and I know that it will last me for a life time.  For other tools that they offer, and for the woodworking that I do, I will not buy a Festool tool, just because I judge that I don’t need it, for now at least.
Not to say the it would not do the job, absolutely not, but in certain case, I am not a willing buyer. But for other tool, I am and so far, a very happy customer for the Festool’s that I own.

Bruno Quesnel

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