Festool TS55REQ Recall – My Take

Festool has recently decided to recall there latest iteration of there track saw, the TS55REQ.
As I mentioned in previous posts, I did get the saw, somewhere in May, a few days after the official introduction of the saw.  I received the letter from Lee Valley, from whom I bought the saw, to call Festool to stop using the saw and discuss my options.
So I did call the Festool support line to discuss my options and a with many, offered 3 options.  I chose to upgrade the saw to the TS75, which I haven’t receive yet, but pretty sure will enjoy the upgrade.  The support people were pretty courteous and was a breeze talking to them on the phone.  After settling the shipping instructions, the saw will be on there way tomorrow when UPS picks up the box.
My impressions of the saw are excellent and really can’t complain for when I used the saw and with excellent result in the material I used the saw to cut. So me personnally, I did not have any issues, but will not wait to have any specially with a recall like this.
Now on my take.  To me, for what ever the reason this specific tool is recalled, shows the seriousness of the company that manufactures the tool.  OK yes there is some inconvinience on sending the tool back and waiting, in my case, for the new tool to come.  For people that depends on the tool, I’ve even seen some arrangement that the company made with customers to keep them going.
Yes you pay a premium for the tools, but with type of behaviour, I have not problem recommending this company to other potential users where/when it makes sense.  It ain’t for everyone, but I believe in buying good tools that will last.  Also, Festool has not released any official root cause for the recall as it is still under investigation.
Will wait for the replacement saw and will repost with my impressions.

Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site