Festool TS75 Replacement

It’s been a little while since I received my Festool TS75 replacement saw after Festool recalled the TS55REQ model (see previous posts). I choose to do the upgrade as I mainly use the saw in the shop and don’t travel much for customer jobs or to do repairs else where then in the home.
Why would travelling be an issue ? Well the saw is bigger, much bigger then the TS55(EQ/REQ).  The extra 22mm of the blade does make a difference in the size of the unit.  To me, the extra capacity will be an added bonus in some occasion if I need to edge finish a piece of lumber or in some future projects where sawing an extra piece.
I also opted to keep the same rail that came with the 55REQ.  I remember seeing some folks in the forums that there is a reason that the 75 comes with a longer rail to complete the same type of cut, which makes sense.  So far, I did not encounter this to be too much of an issue so far, but I could see it being an issue for panels that would be OK with the 55 but wont be on with the 75.  I would eventually consider getting the longer rail as the use increases and really see it in action being an issue.
The blade tooth count is also different, a little less on the 75 vs the 55, but so far, the quality of cut has not suffered because of it.  I did consider buying the hight tooth count for the 75 but decided to wait based on usage.  The price also was a factor in deciding to wait and see based on usage.
As for the behaviour of the saw, I am very satisfied with it’s performance.  Dust collection is very good, tear out control is also very good.  Very satisfied with the original purchase and also equaly satisfied with the replacement decision

Bruno Quesnel

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