Woodworking Christmas gifts – and more

So first, being the first day of 2014, may I send my best wishes for this new year.  As we also just passed christmas, I sure some that for some of you, it brought some woodworking related gifts.
I my case, it did in various form, both from a personal and from good old santa.  So here it goes :
– Gift certificates
Always a winner in my case as we always need some more tools right ? Well, I will get a chance to add some from both Lee Valley and Lie Nielsen this year again.  Just not really decided yet, way to early in the year yet but I’m sure I’ll choose wisely.
If it’s any sign as the past few years, Lie Nielsen should come to the Montreal region somewhere around april with there hand tools event.  Been a regular for the past few years and might be for this year if they make it happen.  Visit them on there web site here.
As for Lee Valley, well I’m sure to get something there too.  I’ve already got a short list of items to get, which I’m pretty could get longer the more I get the chance to think about it.  Might also get a chance to go to Ottawa, which in my case would be the closest location to a store.  Visit them here.
– Books : For many years, I always seem to find good material into varying books.  This year was no different.
– Handsaw Essentials, By Chris Schwarz, Popular Woodworking
This title complements pretty week the Hand plane essentials book, from the same credentials.  This book takes the format of a collection of different articles from the author that he has written on Handsaws through the years, either through blog or magazine articles.  So far, I’ve gotten through about a third of the book and learned a bunch.  Really appreciate how Chris writes and recommend both books if you are interested in either Hand planes or Handsaws
– The Unplugged Woodshop: Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home & Workshop, by Tom Fidgen, Taunton Press
This is Tom’s second book, which I now own both of them.  Tom uses only hand tools, hence the unplugged woodshop, which offers a perspective on how to accomplish certain projects with only hand tools.  I really liked the first book and when I heard that he authored a second book, I had to grab a copy somehow.  I have not started to read the book yet, although I have skimmed though the content.  Should be a promising read.  You can read Tom’s material on his website.
– Illustrated Cabinetmaking: How to Design and Construct Furniture That Works, By Bill Hylton
I’ve seen this book pop up through different author’s recommended reads but never could get a close look at a copy to skim through the content.  Last summer, I did get a chance to see a copy at the Ottawa Lee Valley store and I could then see why some authors would  recommend getting a copy of the book.  I have copies of other book of M. Hylton’s book, mainly on routers, another subject he is famous for.  I have not passed much time yet with the book, but will surely be looking into it in the very near future.
– Hybrid Woodworking: Blending Power & Hand Tools for Quick, Quality Furniture, By Marc Spagnuolo
Also known as the Wood Whisperer, Marc has written his first book with Popular woodworking in 2013. On top of operating the site and his business, he is the co-host to Wood Talk Online, a podcast that has been running for a while, which I have not missed an episode.  The book, as the title says, blends power and hand tools, which falls in the current of hybrid woodworking.  A good mix of the best tool to make the job I believe, which although I have not started to read yet, Marc does a good job on explaining his approach to combine both type of tools.
So this is pretty much it for this christmas, stay tune, more to come.  The year is pretty young….

Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site