Sharpening Bench – Update 1

So the sharpening bench has been in use for a little while now and I am pretty happy with the results.  Here are a few points since the install :

– Grinder with the tool rest has been installed on a base that can be clamped on the bench.  As stated in the first post, I did not want to permanently drill/install of the grinder and tool rest in the top, giving me some possibilities on moving it on the surface of the bench.

– I built a little rack for resting the water stone while in use on the prior bench.  I first used it on the first few uses of the water stones, but came to realize that water would pool on the bench, which I did not want to happen too much, or at least, have a way to contain the water from the water stones.

– From the 3 water stones that I own, they came in plastic containers, which the bottom part was high enough to hold the stone and had rubber feet to limit the slip, if ever used.  This is the direction that I am now taking to hold the stones on the top of the bench when using the stones.

As for the rest, it’s been pretty good.  Few adjustments are normal and I expect to put in some more tweaks to the bench the more I use it to sharpen the tools.

Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site