Moving fillister plane workout

I added the LeeValley moving fillister plane about 1 year ago and didn’t really have a chance to give it a good workout since about 2 weeks ago.
I finally got to test drive the plane on back panels for en entertainment center that I am completing for my sitter.  I made sure that the iron was well sharpened as I would plane some purple heart, which would tend to be hard on the sharpness of the Iron.  I did resharpen the iron by the time I was done.
Back to woodworking 🙂   So I had a chance to use the moving fillister from LeeValley for the back boards of the lower part of the entertainment center to cut the rabbets so that each board can overlap each other, also leaving enough space for expansion.
Few comments about the plane :

  • Rarely used the knob in front of the plane
  • The plane that I use is a right handed version and I placed my left hand against the side of the plane for side pressure, which gave    better result then using the front knob (Yes I used both)
  • Shavings escape on the left side of the plane, in the hand that holds the plane on the side (if you are using the left hand version, the shavings would exit on the right hand side, into your right hand if you are holding the plane the same way I do). This is somewhat of a pain to clean the shavings
  • I followed some recommendation from Chris Schwarz articles from various articles and publication from Popular Woodworking, which made the job easier and the above comments.

All in all, I am pretty happy with the plane and is a keeper for what it does best.  Following are some pictures of the work done by the plane.  If you would like to have some help for the sharpening of the iron, please search the Lee Valley web site for tutorials.  One of them includes the sharpening process of this particular iron.
Examples of Shilapped boards

Shiplapped boards
Shiplapped boards

Shavings from the plane :
Moving Fillister Rabbet Plane Shavings
Moving Fillister Rabbet Plane Shavings

Setup for planing using hold fasts :
Rabbet Bench Setup
Rabbet Bench Setup

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