Woodworks 2014 Conference – Emporium & Wood Objects

On top of the presenters, there was other parts to the conference. The Emporium presented some sellers and sometimes presenters with there respective products.  The Wood Objects offered an opportunity to woodworkers to show off there best works. Take a look at my take of the Emporium & Wood Objects exhibition.
First of all, WoodObjects expo featured some pieces that submitters could present for a public voted prize for the best of the show.  Here are a few pictures of the exhibit

Woodworks 2014 Emporium Desk
Woodworks 2014 Emporium Desk

Woodworks 2014 Emporium
Woodworks 2014 Emporium

Then was the emporium of the exhibitors. I have to say that for all of them that were present, having the ability to try out the tools that each and every one of them have to present is invaluable.  Having the extra privilege to compare them on top of trying is even sweeter.


Lee Valley was a pretty big sponsor to the event and had a pretty nice collections of there hand tools on display.  They also had there latest planes introduced at WIA 2014, which we could try.  They also had pretty much all there planes and saws to try out.

Lie Nielsen

Lie-Nielsen brought there crates as with there tool shows that they tour the US and Canada at various location.  I had the ability to see them in the past, but the first time with other vendors.  As with pretty much all the other events, most of there collection of tools were on display for to try out.  I had a few tools to compare and pretty sure I got my mind settled on.

Bad-Axe Toolworks

I have to admit, these saws looked good on the web site, they look even better in person.  They look good, but they perform marvellously.  I have to agree, that I might be replacing a few hand saws in the very near future.  Mark Harrell does a fantastic job with there saw and the internet reviews are pretty much all right, in a good point off view.

Rosewood Studio

I’ve took a class at Rosewood a few years ago, right before they moved to Perth.  The class is the first in the curriculum, which focuses on hand tools.  Very nice class, well organized and look forward at taking the next one on power tools.  Ron Barter does a very nice job running the school and the sessions during this conference were also very informative.  Looking forward to visit the Perth installations in the future

KJP hardwoods

KJP hardwoods is a wood dealer local to Ottawa, which I had the pleasure to visit at a few occasion while visiting Ottawa.  Pay them a visit if you are within the Ottawa region.  They have a very nice selection of many wood species

Scott Meeks

Scott Has been making wooden planes which looked very nice on his web site, but like Bad Axes, look even better in person.  Wooden planes are really nice to try and offer a really different feel then metal planes.  I find that there is more feedback from wooden planes then metal.  Don’t get me wrong, I will not be replacing my collections of planes any time soon, but I can see a wooden plane to be added to the collection in a certain future

Barrett & Sons

This is a family run tool works company which makes awesome plow planes.  They were discovered through Chris Schwarz and I have to agree, they make very nice planes.  Please take a look at there web site and believe me, what they say about a wooden plow plane, is true.  True compare to a metal plane.  The feeling is totally different and the feedback that the wooden plane give back is awesome.  Here are a few pictures about there planes

Douglas S. Orr

I unfortunately don’t know much about them, but hear that they are very popular in old tools.  Sorry I don’t have much to say here

The Cronkwright Woodshop

I was able to see the wooden squares that they make and they are awesome.  Please visit there web site for more details on what they do.  Worth your visit and ask question.  I am still looking and only starting to appreciate there work.
Woodworks 2014 Conference – Presenters

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