Joinery plane storage

As I started to build my collection of hand tools, storage became a somewhat priority.  The   more traditional hand planes were not to big of a deal, but the storage of the joinery planes became somewhat of an issue because of there shape.
About 3 years ago, I built a cabinet from one of the Tools and shop edition of Fine Woodworking.  The built was pretty much as is for the carcase, but for the tool storage details, I did not commit too much originally as my tool collection grew.
I had my first 2 saws stored in it, but then that grew so I built a dedicated Saw Till to store the saws.  But as I grew my plane collection, some of them were pretty odd shaped and did not fit into the normal places that the original carcase provided, not that there was something wrong with it, just me not committing to something yet.
I looked at many articles from various source and taught of many options to try to store my 2 router planes, my low plane and rabbeting plane.  They stood for a long time  on the top of the cubbyhole shelve, but taking space and was really not practical.
I then looked into the ramped option to use the big empty space in the middle of the case.  I looked rapidly at the dimensions I could use and this what I kept as the main principal for the 4 planes mentioned earlier.  I was able to use about half the width dimensions of the case, leaving the other half to implement other storage ideas.  This is the result of the ramp

Plane Storage
Plane Storage

From a height perspective, it takes about half of it so I was able to put a tool rack to store my marking gage and some plane screwdrivers, giving me enough space to take out the planes and the screwdrivers from where they are.  Also notice a nice empty space in the middle.  Still not decided what to put there, but I will surely find something.
As for the right side of the case, I still need to organise my chisels, which were stored in an inset door that I removed.  I also need to address blade storage (normal plane blades and router plane blades).  I also need to properly address square storage, but for now, my joinery plane storage can be but at rest, for now 🙂

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