Festool Centrotec Installer Set – Use

So it’s been nearly 1 year that I purchased a Festool Centrotec Installer Set.  See my post here for the initial review and content of the set.

As mentionned in the original post, I was looking for good drill bits, which this particular set had.  This is why I chose this set as I did not have the need for the forstner bits as I already had a good set.


The most used parts of the kit are the drill bits.  Both kits have seen some use, the stuby one the most as I drove smaller holes.  Did not really need the bigger drill bits.

The counter sink included in the brad point set has also seen some use and it does a really good job at what it is intended to do.  Extraction of the wood ships are pretty good and does a fine job.

The screwdriver is also nice to use, extending the use of the screwdriver bits that are included in the kit.  This is pretty nice and the fit is also very good in my hand.  This is a nice component of the kit if you do hand drive screws without the use of a drill.


My original use the kit’s components were done with my Dewalt drill, which was not centrotec native.  The kit does include the bit to convert a non-Centrotec drill/driver that you chuck into the drill and then add the Centrotec chuck.  The particular model of the drill was already pretty long and adding this extension made the use somewhat cumbersome. Made the different bits somewhat not fun to use.

I then added a Festool drill (T15) to tool collection, which then made using the different components of the kit easier and less front heavy as the length of the drill was shorter. One thing I find need with the drills is to include the “normal” drill chuck for non centrotec bits.  If one thing about the kit, is not to include small size bits.  I got to drive some smaller whole then the included bits.  I could of looked in the catalog, but was just easier to get standard bits and chucked them in the proper drill chuck.

The Systainer is nice and well organized with some empty spaces to add bits that you already have in your collection.  I was able to add the smaller sized and impact bits that I already have, all in one place to travel with.

As with other Festool, is it worth the price ? To me, so far yes it has.  The quality is there.  Could I have looked to get good quality bits and got them cheaper ?  Maybe, but I still don’t regret the choice I made and so far it is a solide performer in the tool collection.

Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site