Asian inspired lamps – Intro

I’ve got tired of our bedside lamps from IKEA and decided to go ahead and build some Asian Inspired Lamps that came from a Popular Woodworking article from the June 2012 Issue. The articles is written by Ken Burton and you can find his work here.

Although the title of the article calls for an arts and craft lamp, I still believe there are some asian accents to it, or at least there will hopefully be in the version that I make.

I will be making 2 of these lamps, one on each side of the bed.  Our room decor is already have an asian inspired decor so this variation of the lamps should fit right in with any issues.

Few changes from the article version :

– The primary wood will be cherry.  I had some very nice cherry boards in the stack and is a wood that I like working with.  Taught it be a good occasion to use this stock for this project

– The clear stock that will fill the voids and let the light pass through will also be different.  I chose to use a clear plastic that I bought in a small sheet, enough to do the 2 lamps and will cover with a rice paper type glued to the plastic, hiding the internals of the lamp.

Most of the construction of this asian inspired lamp are made of half laps to build the different sides. I am still unclear of the internal components of the lamp to light up, still a bit lost at the different options that are offered without being to big and the lamp is relatively small and still want to light up somewhat.  I know this is not the main lights of the room, but I still want the lighting components to favour a radiant pattern and not loose most of the light to the ceiling.

More to come 🙂

Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site