Dust collector Reconstruction

I’ve been looking for while now to soup up my current dust collector. The one that serves up up for the bigger tool, producing a variety of type of dust.  The bigger tools produce chip like dust (jointer and planer) and the band saw produces finer dust while cutting.  These are the 3 main tools that are connected to this bigger dust collector.  Here is my process so far that will document my dust collector reconstruction.

The current

I currently own a 2 HP single stage dust collector from King Industrial.  I upgraded the filter bag to a cartridge filter.   There is nothing wrong with it, other then it’s a single stage collector.

This is my 2 HP King industrial single stage dust collector that serves up the biggest machine

Although there are flaps inside the cartridge to remove the dust and debris that eventually get lodge inside, I always end up removing the cartridge to remove the excess that does not go into the bag below. Messy job.


I looked at replacing the whole unit for a second stage dust collector and looked at different options.  Really appreciated the series from the Down to Earth Woodworker on youtube about his process that he followed to outfit his shop with a new dust collector.  That gave me some options to look at the replacement route.

Although some model were interesting, I have somewhat of a space limitation.  Mainly in height.  The perfect location to minimise the ducting would be under the garage door, which imposes a certain limit on how tall the unit can be.

While looking at the new collectors, I also looking if I could not retrofit my current dust collector instead.  Really, the motor on my current DC was still very good and still running.


While looking at the vendors web site, comparing the dimensions of the dust collector limited me a bit on the choices that I had, also keeping the cost of the whole solution under control.  I ultimately want something that is semi-permanent and that can run to support the different machines.

Granted that I will not run multiple machines at a time (not in a one car garage), keeping the motor of the current dust collector made more sense, specially that Oneida had the Super Dust Deputy as an option to add a cyclone in front of a current single stage unit.

What also help to steer me in this direction, is that I saw some woodworker through different post take some components of a single stage, mainly the motor, add a cartridge filter and use the Super Dust Deputy with a bucket to convert what ever they had to a DIY dual stage dust collector

The decision

Pretty obvious by now the direction I chose to go.  Last summer, I got a the Super Dust Deputy at a local dealer in Quebec City.  I then  looked for other dealers that carried the bucket and retrofit filter canister that I could fit inside the shop.
I ended up with the following components :

  • 35 gallon fiber drum kit with blank metal lid
  • 13″ x 39″ retrofit cartridge filter kit

Pictures of both components (drum with the Super Dust Deputy mounted) follows.


Filtre d'Oneida
Cartouche filtrante de Oneida
Super Dust Deputy et seau
Mon nouveau Super Dust Deputy et le seau de 35 gallons, prêt pour l’action

Now comes the fun of getting all these components together to form a dust collector.
Here are some the next steps :

  • design a way to support the motor on top of the drum/dust deputy assembly
  • look into options to connect the motor housing with the filter cartridge
  • get the proper fittings/connectors/reducers to connect all of these together

These will be covered in other posts later on as the details are ironed out.
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