Arts and Craft Bed Build – Material prep

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A bed has been on the list of project for a while.  One that caught my eyes, is an arts and craft bed that is featured in an article of Fine Woodworking.  The article features a bed designed by Gary Rogowski.

The bed in the article is for a queen size bed, but need to adapt to a single sized bed.  I need to soup up the bed of my oldest daughter.  Don’t want to put names, but I want her to have a better constructed bed then what she has now.


The bed will be constructed out of maple. It is stock that I have readily available in the shop. The dimensions will be adapted to fit for a single size bed mattress.  I bought the plans a few years ago, then noted the dimensions that needed to be changed.

There are also some dimensions of stock that were changed to accommodate the stock that I had already in the shop. Off I went to buy some extra stock, mainly for the side boards.  The material I had were not long enough, so a nice trip to the lumber yard I went.  I got stock wide and thick enough to get the sides and internal components so that the slats are well supported.

The knock down hardware is from woodcraft and is similar to the one mentioned/used in the article.  I expect to spend some time on fiddling with the proper dimensions to get the proper fit.  Not that it’s complicated, but want it to be a perfect fit.

The lumber

Here is a first picture of the rough stock for the foot and head board.  The slats and side boards will come later when these first 2 components are set and assembled.  Trying to mill the stock as we go, specially that this stock was already acclimated to the shop.  Not too worried on it moving too much on me.

Rough maple stock for my daughter's bed
Rough maple stock for my daughter’s bed

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Material Prep

Foot Board

Head Board


Head board Assembly

Final Assembly

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