Online woodworking content

For the past few years, online woodworking content has been more and more present and through different forms.  This blog being one of them, there has been an evolution through the last few years of the available content available to the woodworker.  It can even be said that there is too much content that for the person that starts and wants to learn, there is so many source that it can be overwhelming.

So here are a few ressource I go to and coma back to.  This is not THE list, just the one that have stick through time and keep listening.  Please if you know of others that you listen, please share them.  The mentions here are the one that I keep looking/listening at and have my interest.


Some of these podcast have been there for quite a while and some other are younger in age.  Included are links to there websites (if they have one).  All of these are available to download either through there web sites.  I know that they are all available through Itunes (sorry I’m an apple user).


Well, I think this one is helping a lot of woodworker being online, producing content.  Some only have the youtube channels and other have a combination of media.  Here are a few that I subscribe to and view regularly.  Please lookup there names within youtube to see there channel.

  • Matthew Cremona
  • Canadian Woodworks
  • The Matt and Matthew Show
  • The wood whisperer
  • Down to Earth Woodworks
  • Highland woodworking and Highland woodworker


Most of the bigger magazines have upped up there online presence on top of the written publication, producing online extras and digital copies of there issues.  Some of them even got different blogs or forum on different topics. Most of the content is available through there web sites of the magazine or there parent publishing company.

I think the online woodworking content a very good and bad thing.  There is a lot out there and trying to keep up is nearly impossible to follow each and every post or bit of content.  This is good and bad at the same time.

There is more visuals available, this is good. The information gets to the user very quickly and is available now.  The flip side to this is that there is so many ways to do one technique or multiple method for one particular topic that is sometime confusing.  This is probably the down side of so much content.  Not to say that the content is bad, quite frankly, most of the content I’ve seen is pretty good.

I still believe that the shop class is still invaluable.  Getting someone in person to show the content in person still has it’s value and hopefully will not go away in a near futur. Also, stick with a method and keep with it.  I believe that it is counter productive to try many method at once and not giving one a chance.  Pick one out and keep at it.  If it does not work for you, then change and pick one that looks better for you and give it a chance.

Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site