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Lee Valley just announced small plow plane upgrades for the current owners of the small plow planes they manufacture.  Here are some details of the upgrades :

  • Upgraded depth stop clamping
    • Upgrades concerning the depth stop clamping mechanism that helps prevent it shifting with pressure while planning
  • Skate upgrade for beading blades
    • New options are to be offered for beading blades and Lee Valley offers now an option to retrofit the past/current planes to retrofit one of the skates to support it

I heard of the options from a Youtube video featuring Vic Tesolin that explained the different options.  Please subscribe to the Lee Valley youtube Channel to see the video and other great video from Lee Valley.

This week, I received a letter from Lee Valley because I own a plow plane and that I would be eligible to the different upgrade paths if I so choose to upgrade my current plane.

I also received a letter this week explaining the upgrade process/options and with great details as to how this came along and what are the options for current owners.  It also details the options for the beading blades that can be bought once the retrofit is done if you already own the plane.

You can either bring the plane in store for the retrofit or use the mail-in order process which they will send a box and instruction to send in the part that needs to be retrofitted.  They will return the part once completed.

I believe this is a very nice initiative that has customer in mind.  If the process permits it and they can benefit the customers, then very very big kudos to the company.  Talk about customer service to make a whole lot of customer happy.   And the letters were written in both french and English, which I guess there is more and more customer that speak French.  Lee Valley HQ being so close to Quebec, I would assume that there are more and more french speaking customers.  On behalf of the french speaking customer, thanks.

If you never looked at or don’t know who Lee Valley is, please go visit there web site, and I am sure that you will discover a whole bunch of products and a very good source for what they carry.  I visited a few stores in Canada through travel and the experience is awesome in all the stores.

Here is a picture of a plow plane

Varitas Small Plow Plane
Veritas Small Plow Plane

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