Arts and Craft Bed Build – Head Board

The next assembly to be tackled was the other end of the bed, the bed head board.   The design is pretty much the same, except with a few little differences, mainly in dimensions, being taller than the foot board.

Here is a picture of the main components :

Arts and Craft bed Headboard
Arts and Craft bed Headboard

The dimensions were changed to fit a single bed, mainly on the width of the overall headboard.  Mainly matching the dimensions of the foot board to fit the single mattress size.  two components that are not fitted yet for the bed headboard are 2 vertical members that are between the center components and the legs and the legs fitting themselves.

The different members are now fitted together and fit pretty good together.  Pretty satisfied with the tight fit of the components.  Still need to better the shoulder prep of where tenons meet up with the end of a board.  Some more practice for the next project.

The surface now needs to be finished prep with a light pass with a longer plane (in my case a 5 1/2 acting as my jointer) and a final pass with a smoothing plane.

Joinery is pretty much the same as with the foot board. Integral tenons for the components that you see on the picture. Loose tenons to join to the legs.

Bed Head Board legs

The legs were prepped with the original stock preparation. They were left long to when came time to fit these components.  This is the time now to get them done and I will cut all the joinery for the legs, tackling the integration with the foot board. but also cutting the necessary for the sides to eventually fit for the assembly of the structure with the side bed fitting.  

The fitting process will be covered in a later post.


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