The Anarchist's Design Book

My copy of “The Anarchist’s Design Book” from Lost Art Press just landed this afternoon on my door steps.

As with all books from Lost Art Press, it is very well made, written and printed locally in the United States.  It is a hard bound book on very thick paper and is an all black exterior book.  The cover is black and the ends of the paper is also black.  Search the blog of Lost Art Press where Chris covers this decision.

There are plenty of pictures, which are very good quality and seem to convey the point of the surrounding text.  I really like the annotation in the margins which after reading a few while flipping the pages are always very good and inspiring as in the other Lost Art Press publication.

I started to read a few page of the book and already like it. one of the first phrase of the preface says “To build rather then buy”, which is something that I try more and more to adhere to whenever possible.  It makes a very nice change of paste instead of sitting behind a screen most days.

In the past few days, I guess in preparation to this book, I dove back in the tool chest book.  I think I will finish reading most of the chapters (maybe except of the build chapters) and then dive in this book.  I guess maybe as a preparation to be in the proper mindset.

By looking at the table of content and looking at the pages explaining the different projects and topics included in the book, the reading should be interesting in the daily commute to and from work.


Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site