Dust Collector – Up and running

My new dust collector is now up and running and is collecting dust.  Finished the last details Saturday morning and had a chance to see it in action.  Generated some dust from tools.  I also picked up a bucket full from the Oneida Dust Deputy, generates from smaller tools.

The dust seperator is currently in a functional state so it can collect dust,  but the install is not quite fully completed yet.  The filter is hooked up, but not in a permanent state. It is on a small bench, but it is supposed to be hooked from the top through holes, so that the small bin can be emptied with the fine dust.

Dust Collector Optimisations  

  • Duct works is still 4″ to the machines.  Change it to 5″
    • I have a main line on one of the garage wall that collects the dust from the larger machines (band saw, jointer and planer).  I kept it in 4″ as it was already there and keeping the cost down.
    • If budget permits, I would like to upgrade the quality and ease of ducts, i.e. Nordfab.  Ideally not touch it again while addressing the change of diameter of the Ducts
  • Pipe a line for the planer
    • A flex hose coming from to a Y off the main line to connect the planer which is mobile.  Even though the planer will remain mobile, I would like to minimize the flex hose and do something more permanent.
  • Plastic bags in the bucket
    • I want to be able to pick up the debris that settles in the bucket without creating a mess.  I am currently looking for a good and cheap source for some bags that I can then put to the garbage
    • Will also be looking at the baffle that Oneida recommends to prevent the bag to be sucked up when the dust collection starts with a near empty bag.

Separator Results 

From a results perspective, it does a very good job.  The Super Dust Deputy does a very nice job doing what it needs to do.  From what I can see, very little went to the filter portion, and that is because I see some small dust on the conduits that transition from the motor housing to the filter.

I can see, the very fine dust will get to the filter, but it seems to be very little quantity.  Larger chips are all in the bucket, which is very good and what is expected.  Will report when I can really load up the dust collector with a good milling session.


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