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Well, the bed head board is now in the clamps and drying for the night.  After a few dry fit and adjustments while doing the fit, the glue up went pretty well and required a little bit of help to balance the assembly.  It gets pretty heavy with the clamps in place.

Regarding clamps, it took pretty much the same clamps as the foot board, requiring the long clamps for the top and bottom rail.  This is a single bed, I just can’t imagine doing the same clamping for a queen size bed.  I guess I will find out at some point as I intend to use the same design for my bed.

The next few steps should go pretty good.  The only part that I dread a little bit is to get the hardware in the right spot in the long bed side rails.  Will need to route out the cavity in end grain to fit the male part of the hardware.  The wood part is already done and shaped to the proper dimensions.

Then will come the slats and the resting piece of wood that the slats will sit on.  Should be a good occasion to test out the dust collection setup as the material for the slats is still in the rough steps.  Will be able to verify the efficiency with different types of chips/saw dust that this operation will generate.

Will then work on the finish portion to match the decor of a growing lady that here taste starts to shape up and is all fine with me.  Still not really decided about the colouring process.  It might stay natural color (maple) and will certainly add some sort of protective coat.  It will not stay raw wood.  Still want it to last a few years without needing to sand back to remove stains or other stuff.

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