Auction and Luthier shop visit

Last Saturday, I was invited to participate into an auction of a fellow woodworker and luthier that had passed away.  I did not know the person but could not pass on at least his material being put to good use.  This is what her widow wanted, was that the material was put to good use.

The auction was held in the shop of L’atelier de la corde which is a coop of luthiers in the Montreal area.  It is not the only one but is one of them.

The auction

The auction went pretty well I believe and there was a good mix of wood and guitar making material.  Not being into the instrument making myself, I was less interested into buying this material and more in the wood.  But I still was interested from a curiosity perspective to see what gets involved in making such beautiful instrument.

I believe that most of the lots if not all of them sold out and there was very nice to see a nice friendly competition on certain lots to see who would bid the most.  It was one of my first experience being involved into such a process and it was for a good cause.  Ended up with some great wood, not all that I would of wanted but had a budget to respect and is was all in got spirit.

The Shop

Not to derive from the initial purpose of being in the local of the local, but it gave the chance of the people that were present to visit the shop of Les ateliers de la corde and see amazing guitars that the local resident luthiers produced in the common shop installation.

There are 6 permanent luthier and a total of 21 luthier that perform there art.  They put in common the tools that are expensive, share the space and have there own space and tools to create there own.

I wanted to visit for a little while and was curious to see how they create and how they are installed.  Also, what tools were they using to create there instrument.  One good thing is that they all create different form of instrument which I believe makes this coop pretty good.


I would like to thank Marc Lupien from XXL Guitar and L’atelier de la corde for hosting the event and opening your doors for this event.  I really appreciated the possibility and the visit.

To see more of the coop, search on Facebook “L’atelier de la corde” and take contact with them if you are interested for an instrument or a visit.  I’m pretty sure something can be arranged.

Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site