Arts and Craft Bed Build – Final Install

The bed has been completed for a little while now and I am pretty glad it is. Somewhat late to the game of posting this update but I’ve got some feedback/use on this one.  Kind of a good side effect of posting late.

Recap – Arts and Craft Bed

Just a little recap, my oldest daughter needed a bed for some time now and would make her one.  The design I chose was Gary Rogowski arts and craft bed published by the taunton press in Fine Woodworking a few years back.

I really fell in love with the form of the bed.  Had to adapt the dimensions a little as her bed was a single bed and I believe that the originals plan dimensions are for a queen size bed. I also decided to make the bed In Maple which differs from the material that was used in the article.


This build was a pretty good experience to learn from, which I guess could be said from some to most projects.  At least at the stage that I am.  I will always find some items to fix or do better, which is part of the journey, my journey.  I don’t expect to do perfect the first time but to see what I missed and what I can do better next time.

The devil is in the details and it is something I need to get better at.  Not struggle but need to get better at.  I had another example this morning where someone came to get some products and there a few items that were not up to spec.  They were easy to fix on the spot and it was an easy fix.  There might be more coming from this person and I now know what to expect to deliver.  This one was very valuable for the next projects.

Articles in the Bed Series

Material Prep

Foot Board

Head Board


Head board Assembly

Final Assembly

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