Year Recap 2016 – What a year !

Here we are, the morning of January 1st once again.  The fresh start to another year, just leaving another one in the past.  From a woodworking aspect of things, it’s been moving a lot from my part.  Here are a few points to the year recap.


The bed build

This one has been documented on the blog and has been a few experiences.  See the following posts bellow for the details on how it went :

Dust Collector

The upgrade of the dust collector was also another experience that I enjoy made.  I believe that it is better then the old one from a collection stand point.  Still some upgrade or adjustment to be done.  Still need to settle the following :

  •  Bin level indicator : Been bitten too many times where the bin would fill and would over flow into the filter.  This one is under way and will be documented here
  • Bags to collect dust : Well this one is a challenge where I would like to better dispose of the dust/chips and not spend a whole lot while disposing on the per bag basis

Follow the different links for this project

Cutting boards

Originally made from scraps from the bed build and doing some experimentation with resaw and some bent lamination, I made some cutting boards to pass some stock.  I was able to sell a few of the original and most of them went out as gifts.  But the offering to the public landed some opportunities that were very welcomed.  More to come on this one.


From a tool perspective, I made a bit of cleanup of tools that did not see enough use in the shop. The fact that I lost my job early 2016 permitted me to revisit certain tools that I had and assess there use in the shop.
Let’s be clear, these are excellent tools, but did not see enough use in my projects, although I had the best of intentions when I bought them.  I found users that could find better use them me.
Here are pictures of some of the tools that found some new homes

Side Rabbet Plane
Side Rabbet plan

Rip Panel Saw from Lie-Nielsen
Rip Panel Saw from Lie-Nielsen

Scrub plane from LeeValley
Scrub plane from LeeValley

Tenon Float from Lie Nielsen
Tenon Float from Lie Nielsen

Varitas Small Plow Plane
Veritas Small Plow Plane

So what about 2017

So what about this new year, just starting fresh….   Well, if 2017 is any indication of some of what I believe woodworking success, it should be a very good year.
Out of the project listed above, a whole lot went behind the experience bucket.  Granted I don’t do this all the time, it is not my main professional activity.  Otherwise, this portion would be 100 fold if not many more.
I believe that I proved to myself that I could do more and set aside more time to this hobby to be more serious.  I found a few techniques that would speed up some operation without buying some new tools.  New tools are good but make due with what you got is sometimes as good.
From a projects perspective, there are still some shops organisation along the way plus some overdue home projects that will see through the course of the year.  The more time in the shop will advance these projects.  Make the house benefit from the shop a little bit and increase what I can do.  You never know !

Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site