Tool Cabinet – Tool Cabinet Carcase building

So I started the building process of my new tool cabinet.  First tasks to start looking into was the tool cabinet carcase or frame of the cabinet itself

Outer Shell

The outer shell of the carcase is a dovetailed frame of the four parts and a shelf around 2/3rd of the cabinet to stiffen the case.  The frame is built using Cherry that I was able to resaw to get pretty close to the 7/8 tackiness but not quite the width so I had to glue a small strip to make it large enough.  I wanted to keep the depth of the cabinet and was willing to glue enough to get the this dimension right.
For the shelf, I had a nice wide piece of maple, but with an edge that had seen some damage.  I was able to get most of it removed by trimming it’s.  Because of it’s placement, the not so nice edge will be towards the back of the cabinet and be covered with the plane till, so I don’t feel to guilty about it.
I will just adapt the placement of the joinery as it might change the distance from what the plan calls from.


The joinery between the sides and top/bottom is dovetails so the first order of things was to start cutting dovetails.  To save time, I ganged the 2 sides to cut the tails and to be similar.  I cut the dovetails using my dovetail saw following the layout that was done on both boards.

Dovetail Joinery Multiple boards
Dovetail joinery on multiple boards that are symetric

Once one end was cut, I flipped the 2 boards and tackled the other end.  I then removed the waste between the tails and cleaned with a chisel.  Once all done and was satisfied, I laid out the pins on the bottom and top of the cabinet.
It is now time for fitting the 2 sides and top/bottom together.  One thing to remember, get your tools sharp and I really need to practice sawing straight.  This should cut the amount I need to do with the chisels and should have better joint fitting off the saw kerf.

Bruno Quesnel

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