Cutting boards from scraps

I was making some cleanup and had some scraps to do some cutting boards from maple and black walnut that I could put together.  They are mostly of small size, perfect for small serving tasks for cheese and a few crackers.

The cutting boards

Rough Cutting boards
Rough Cutting boards

Here are the cutting boards in the rough state just out of the clamps not planned and dimensioned.  All of the these are glued with Titebond II glue which is FDA approved for indirect food contact once cured.
The wood species used for these cutting boards are black walnut and maple.  The most right cutting board also has external cherry strips.  It does not really show on the picture being right beside the maple.

The finish

The planned finish for the cutting boards will be mineral oil which is an easy finish that can be reapplied by the end users.  Apply with a small rag and wipe out the excess that would be left on the boards.
This is a small project that does not need to be too complex and can pass extra wood that still have the proper dimensions but could be a waste if going to the fire pit, unless if for cooking some meat on the barbecue.
It can also be simple to complexe patterns depending on your imagination or the customers taste.

Bruno Quesnel

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