It never miss, when I change for new cutters or use freshly sharpen tools, it always amuse me how easy the fresh sharpness gets the job done so much easier it really makes you wonder how you got so long with dull cutters or knives.


So most of my machines all use some sort of metallic cutter that at one point needs sharpening.  Either blades, knives or cutter have the effect of shaping the wood that it is presented and does it with more or less ease depending if the sharpness of the cutter is fresh or not….  Relatively speaking.   Get many blades, knives and get them sharpen.  Have a Sharp set on hand, send the dull to the sharpener… 

Hand Tools

These aren’t better compared to there machine counter parts.  Hand tools all have blades of some sort (well most of them) and needs regularly sharpening.  In most case, you will be able to sharpen these irons on your own.  No need for a professional service for these.  Sharpen often, more often then you think you need, a quick touch up will amaze you how far you’ll go. 

The jointer…   

The whole story that got me into this are the jointer’s knives.  
Delta DJ20 8″ Jointer
I had knives for a while sitting on  shelf waiting to replace the old knives that were really due for a replacement.  Sharpness what? So I had a project that needed to do some serial batching of processing rough lumber and well it was the time to replace those knives.  There are many options here.  But same goes as above, have multiple sets of knives if that is the route you keep
I succeeded without too much fussing but don’t get me wrong, the original head will eventually be replaced by a Shelix Head instead of replacing the 3 knives every time.  Just did not have the money on hand and needed to proceed with the project.  Read on to this system with inserts that rotate to reveal an edge that is sharp. 

The planer…  

The dealt DW735 have easy access to the straight knives through the top panel and are way more easy to replace then any jointer straight knives for sure.  In my experience so far anyway.  This is another good candidate for the replacement head for the planer.  If I ever change to a floor standing model, for sure, I will opt to replace the straight knives…  Worth the expense. 

Bruno Quesnel

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