Tool Cabinet – Carcase Redo

Tool Cabinet Carcase 

So this is a continuation of the tool cabinet projet where at my first attempt, I did not pay attention enough to the carcase glue-up that I judged that it was too out of square that I devised to redo the whole case and start again
It is now all glued up and square and happy with it.  

Other Components 

The plane till was pretty much already done and constructed so I was able to fit the components into the new case.  Just not finalized the install of the components yet into the case.  

The Doors 

The Tool Cabinet has 2 exterior doors which I started to cut the different components.  The frame of one of the door is dried assembled but not glued up yet.  This is the inside frame of the door that is assembled.  I still need to fit the parts for the outside of the door and eventually assemble it with the inside frame of each door and fit with each of the doors.  
All the parts are accounted for, but some fitting and joinery needs to be done to have some nice doors and to eventually hang them and hang some tools inside them.  
Once again, take your time.  Although I want this cabinet to be done or advance a bit faster then it is right now (current cabinet is a mess), it is worth while.  I consider that shop furniture are great practice pieces and are not exposed to “customer” and it is normally for you.  
I still want shop furniture to look good though.  In my opinion, it does not mean trash but a good way to practice either a new technique or joint.  It might not be perfect, but it is good practice. 

Tool cabinet components
Tool cabinet components

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