Projects with Logs

There is a place close to home that that had to cut some trees and logs were available to buy for anyone that were interested.  

The logs

Here are the small logs that me and my dad were able to get a hold of.

Walnut Logs
Walnut Logs


Ash Logs
Ash Logs

The criteria was that the dimensions were to fit within the capacity of my band saw to slice.  The Laguna Bandsaw that I have has a capacity of about 12″ of resaw capacity so this was pretty much the diameter capacity of the logs that I could handle. 
Was able to get a hold of 1 log of what I think is walnut and 2 others are Ash logs.  


The plans are the following : 

With the walnut log, about one half will be sliced to cut some platter that will be cut in the horizontal plane, kind of big coasters but bigger.  These will be used to serve food or any other projects.  Just not quite sure yet.  The idea is to let it dry a bit and eventually finish it with a food save type of finish as there is a good chance that it will be seeing some food it the near future.

For the second half of the walnut log and the 2 ash logs, the plan is to resaw in the length of the log to get some boards.  The cut will be made to include some quarter sawn grain.  I have some plans to try to make some small boxes and getting straight grain would make some nice side components.  

First Experiments

This is my first experiment in resewing logs and I don’t plan to make this a career plan to resaw logs but I think this should be a nice experience to resaw and dry the lumber.  Granted it should no yield a whole bunch of lumber but still.  I might actually like to too much, who knows….  

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