Tool Cabinet – Hardware

The next step for the tool cabinet was selecting the hardware.  Yes I know that normally you select this before you do the project but the choice was already pretty much done (from plan) and the dimensions were pretty much set.  

Looking around

So came time to hand the main front doors and some dividers within these main doors.  I went to big box stores thinking that I could find something decent without breaking too much the bank.  I did look at the link from the plans/article from which I am building from and was surprise a bit with the price.  I also did not know the company that sourced the hinges in the plan.
So I came back from my shipping spree and did not find anything quality and did not want to trust my tools that quality.  Yes the price was cheap, but the product was also.  
Went back to the link for the hardware to House of antique Hardware and decided to order the hinges that were included in the plan.  2 products were called for and ordered both (3″ x 2″ and 1-15/16 x 1-5/8) for the install.  

Comments on the products

I ordered both products and the shipping went pretty fast, even for cross border shipping and the price was right.  I was not in a big rush to selected the slowest shipping method.  
Then the hardware came in the mailbox and man was I ever glad I ordered these hinges versus settling for what I saw at my local big box store.  
There is no play and they are very thick plates where I will have no issues trusting these to my tools.  I still need to install them on the doors and panels but so far, just with the visual inspection, they are very well made, move very nice.  I choose the brass colour and matching screws.  
What would made the deal sweeter would maybe include a metal screw to be able to pilot the brass screws.  They are pretty soft and would not want to insert the brass screws directly without doing the hole before with something harder.  Will probably do exactly that when permanently installing the hardware 

Hardware hinges for the tool cabinet
Hardware hinges for the tool cabinet

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