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Here is my latest addition in controlling dust in the shop : the Eclipse dust mask.

Eclipse Dust Mask
Eclipse Dust Mask

I was travelling to Edmonton for business early December and there was a local Lee Valley store.  I could not take back something pretty large due to size and weight constraint, but a dust mask was something I deeply needed.

I wanted to see physically the model as I was looking for the this model for a little while.  Here is the specific link to Lee Valley.  I had the possibility to try onsite within the store and took the large model.  I did not get the replacement filters yet but I plan to. Always a good thing to have spares and not a good time not to have them when you need them. And for the price, for me, it is hard to beat.


In Use 

The fit is very good with the 2 straps that can be adjusted to about any head.  I have to agree that I fit in the 70% that the large model fits.  The description fitted me perfectly.  

Like any facial mask to control dust, it goes against the face and any “excessive” facial hairs will impede some of the performance of any dust mask, even the best in my opinion. But it does a pretty good job and did some jobs so far that produced a fair share of dust and did see a difference in the air in the shop when the shop when I removed it.  

To me, a dust mask I necessary but should not be the only dust control item that should exist in your shop.  Personally, collecting it at the source as much as possible, is the best.  The mask protects the closest to your body.  Good filters in you dust collectors and potentially an air circulator/filter in the shop does a pretty good job for the smaller shop like mine.  

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