New cutting/serving boards and inspiration

So to start with, it’s been busy on the cutting/serving boards side of the shop were a few ideas were sprung in the past last week.  Here are a few pictures.  Many of you have seen some but here they are 

Planche à charcuterie avec saucisson et fromage au barbecue
Charcuterie board with dried sausage and cheese grilled on the bbq


Wine bottle formed handle cutting board
Wine bottle formed handle cutting board


Small Cutting boards – Planches de services

New Wood 

To make some of these cutting/serving board, I went to get some wood and brought back some extra species for more projects.  
Some Blood wood for some accents in the cutting board but also some other accents for futur build.  
The Pao Amarillo is a Yellow wood, also used mostly for some accents in the boards.  
As for the Khaya, this has some very nice tight straight grain, with the dimensions it has, offers a few good possibilities for some nice projects.  

Nouveau Matériel dans l’atelier, du Khaya (famille de l’acajou), du Pao Amarillo (Jaune) et du Satiné (Rouge)
Some new wood added to the shop for projects, some Khaya (in the mahogany family), Some Pao Amarillo (yellow coloured) and some Bloodwood

Tool Cabinet 

Well it’s mostly finish.  Need to finish some drawers and this one will be complete.  Already have most of the storage I want to do for the current tools I’ve got done and the tools are in.  
There will always be some adjustments to be done and already planning for some additions of tools that I would need and was already in the plan.  I’ve already got the perfect spot for them and kept it free for these tools.  Standby, should come shortly.  

The inspiration

The inspiration portion has been pretty good in the last few weeks.  Been listening to the Made for Profit podcast and they have been landing very good interviews of people crushing it with there business and through different practice with there social media accounts.  
Discovering these people through there website and different social media account got some ideas going which will come pretty soon on my side.  My wood working is still very part time but plan to grow it.  Many good insights for some of the practices in the interviews with Brad and Mike. Subscribe to the podcast and go see them with there respective presence.  

Bruno Quesnel

Craftperson Responsible for this site