Battery powered portable tools

In the category of battery powered portable tools, a new addition was made to the global collection used around the house. 

So this this tool was added to the arsenal

Dewalt Edge Trimmer
Dewalt Edge Trimmer

Nope, its not woodworking related, but it subscribe to minimizing the battery technology/manufacturer that I use around the house.  


The previous edge trimmer had 2 batteries died after winter storage and was somewhat left on my appetite with the performance of the batteries.  The charger said the it was fine, but when in the tool, no power.  At the time, I did not pay too much for the tool, but the batteries were the same and part of a system also.  

Having 2 batteries like that die on my over 3 years left me on my appetite.  


About 2 weeks ago, I changed my drill/impact combo to another Dewalt set to replace my previous set of Dewalt.  The main reason of the change was batteries getting old and were due for a refresh. 

Dewalt 20V Brushless Impact driver
Dewalt Brushless 20V Brushless Drill

I looked into multiple manufacturer, having in the back of my mind the expandability of the tools that I could buy later and could use the same batterie technology and voltage. The tools had to perform, but was looking into the expandability too of other battery powered tools. 

I really had specific tools I was looking into and garden tools was part of the category to potentially use the same voltage of batteries.  The one that offered the most and were available in my region, close by was Dewalt.  

The kit

So the original kit was the combo of a drill (just a straight drill, hammer was not a necessity) and an impact driver with batteries and charger.  The classical combo kit.  I went with a brushless kit, not the XR but just the brushless kit which came with 2 x 1.3Ah batteries.  For my use, for 80-90% of my use, this capacity would suite the bill.  I would also benefit of the brushless which is more efficient.  

When the edge trimmer battery died, I was time to pull the trigger for expanding on the same manufacturer and potentially gain on an extra battery of extra capacity.  I gained a 5 Ah battery that I need extra capacity in the shop, I have the battery and can use it all year long.  I will have to be fair that I did not use the dead battery for long period of time so could of acted to the detriment.  So cannot put the blame fully on the battery manufacturer.  


Well I can say that all 3 tool upgrade are really an upgrade.  For the drill/impact driver, they are smaller and lighter and preform great.  I hove not done comparison with great comparison numbers but they feel much better and will get more run time then the previous set before.  

For the edge trimmer, when selecting a model, I decided to go with an upgrade in size as I can have some terrain to cover.  So for this one, no real comparison in the performance.  This one is really an upgrade in size and performance on the battery.  

So all in all, I am very happy with the choices I made so far.  Very nice to have good tools and offers performance gain when needed.  

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    A cordless power drill is one of the most versatile tools you can keep in your home. It works to bore holes, drive screws, and stir mortar, among other tasks.

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