Dust Collector bucket liner

I finally found a Dust liner to put in the bucket of my dust collector.  I try to keep the dust collection in the shop one of my top priorities but once collected, it has always been a hassle.  Here how I made a very simple helper  

Finding a bag

By accident, when emptying the bucket of my dust collector, I tried to fit the latest garbage bags that I got and I finally got a version that could fit on the bucket.  I finally found a model that would be large enough to cover the side of the opening.  I was able to find a bag with the proper capacity but could not cover the bucket diameter.  

The need to a baffle

Now that I could fit a bag on the bucket and could just remove the bag to dispose of the the dust in an easier way, I now needed a way to prevent the bag to be sucked by the succion of the cyclone when the bag was empty.  This is pretty well documented on many website that there is a need to keep the bag down somehow to prevent the bag from being sucked inside the cyclone and cause other issues.  Oneida Sells this model but getting it in Montreal, was a bit too steep as a price…   

Being a woodworker, I got resourceful and taught of a solution to try to do the same function but at a lower price then the commercial price tag + shipping.  Might not be as elegant, but after trying it, sure does the job.  


The intention was to apply the KISS principal keep it a pretty low cost option.  Took some measurement of the 35 gallon bucket and here is what I came up with.  

Six pieces of lumber I had lying around was all that was needed.  Each piece is about 2 inch wide and was trimmed on the length side.  Few Pocket screws to join the horizontal to the vertical members together and then some screws that were countersunk to join the 2 assemblies.   

As one of the 2 assemblies is stacked over the other one, the vertical members are shorter by the thickness of the horizontal memebers plus a bit of wiggle room.  

The tools I used to do the construction : 


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