Miter Shooting Board

I have been using a traditional shooting board and appreciate its value.  Because I can see some amount of miter coming in the very near future, I decide to build a miter shooting board to be able to appreciate the precision that a shooting board can bring.  Just tweak properly for miter.  


I have been a reader of Fine Woodworking for a while and found this article as the inspiration to build my version.  The dimensions have been adapted to the material that I have in the shop. Although they are pretty similar to the one in the article.  

Plan is to use the shooting board for small parts, which will be in the very near future small box parts.   The intention is to make some boxes inspired from Matt Kenney’s book. Most of the boxes that caught my eye uses miter.  Wanted to be sure that they all meat up nicely when assembled.   

Adjustment of the Shooting board

Still got some adjustments to do and some test fits before putting some real parts to it and rely on the accuracy but should be pretty close.  Devil’s in the details, but should be up for use pretty soon and show up the material on the blog.   

Baltic plywood has been used to cover the base.  The rails to guide the plane is from large enough hardwood in the shop, Ash for this parts.   Will now get back to the shop and move on to the adjustments.     


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