Wooden Experiments

Once in a while, it is good to get out of your comfort zone and do some experiments.  In this case wooden experiments.   

I will be exposing in a show in about 1 months timeframe and looking for a wow factor to get the attendees attention.   To try and get the results, I reached out to Chris Salomone and asked permission to replicate the wax crayons table experiment but on cutting boards.  

Always good to test out on test pieces for the results.  This first experiment did not go too well on the scale of success.   

First Experiments with Melted Crayola - Première expérience avec Crayons Crayolas
First Experiments with Melted Crayola – Première expérience avec Crayons Crayolas

The colour was in the tone of Purple and I had a bit of help with my kids.  Got the heat gun fired and started melting the crayons.  The outcome was not quite the idea that I had in my head.   

For one, I think I used too much crayons (total of 4) for a too small of a channel to be filled.  Remember, that the intention is to also add epoxy on top of the wax that melted from the crayons.   

Too shallow of a channel did not help either.  I misjudged the amount of was that 4 crayons would generate once melted.   The wax once in a liquid state got a bit out of hand.   

I also learned to control a bit more the heat source, which was also a new accessory to the arsenal.   It works pretty good in the whole process.  Very good heat source but it does not need to be very close.  The velocity of the air is pretty good so once the crayons melted, the wax moved easily out of the shallow channel.  

I got other test boards that I prepared in the similar way but now have depended the channel. As the other boards have similar dimensions, I will also use less crayons of the selected colour.   

More to come in the wooden experiments.   Keep on learning. 


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