A flavour Combo – Chocolat and Vanilla

If you are looking for a nice combo of contrasting colours for gifts to offer, look no forward then offering cutting board The Vanilla and The Chocolat to either yourself or to hosts that you are visiting. If you choose, both boards can be bought as single boards.

These 2 serving or cutting boards are the same form, but with different wood, with very different colours.

The vanilla is made of solid maple, with a generous handle. The Chocolat is made of solid black walnut. Both only use one single board, no gluing of multiple pieces.

Both boards have roughly the same dimensions and follow the same curved patterns for the handle, making it easy to pickup for serving the food. All the edges are rounded over for a nice finish.

Both Serving board are finished with mineral oil, for easy maintenance to you the user of the serving board. To be reapplied once in a while, depending on the use.

Bruno Quesnel

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