March 8, 2020 First Mitered Wooden Box

First Mitered Wooden Box

A nice piece of wood, dark brown, with nice grain of lighter colour. This is all it took to inspired the main body of this mitered wooden box. I was able to resaw the larger piece of wood to make more similar boxes.

One of the main inspiration of this small metered box was some box idea from Matt Kinney’s 52 boxes for dimensions and looks. I adapted the dimensions to fit the dimensions of the piece of wood and leverage most of it.

I also taught that the Blue coloured milk paint made a nice match with the different brown tones of the body of the box. Both the removable top and bottom received the same traitement of colour. I still need to figure/address the top pull sp the top can be removed easily.

All 4 corners are mitered @ 45 degrees, keeping as much as possible the continuous grain all around the box. Rabbets are cut to receive the top and bottom, which were sized to the appropriate size once the body was fully assembled.

This little mitered wooden box can store many precious items to keep or to offer as a nice gift for a special occasion. I plan to play with color variation of this box. Mixing up natural colour of the wood and milk paint either as the top/bottom or the main body of the box.

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