Jointer knife setting blocks

Part of maintaining machines, sometimes you have to change or sharpen the knifes. Well, having jointer knife setup blocks can be a time saver. Or any jig that keeps the straight knifes to the proper height while tightening the screws.

Many of you, including myself, dread the replacement of the knifes on a straight knife type head. If you have an insert based head, well this is not for you.

I was up for changing the knifes and was searching for jigs or better ways to cut down the time to put the knives back and calibrating the proper height and came across this web site. Let’s talk wood has a few blog post and I came across while searching on replacing knifes for my Jointer. He links to a Fine Woodworking Video on how to build these blocks. In full disclosure, not sure if you need to be a member to access the video

This is a very low cost solution that can be done in a short period of time can easily be done with scraps. A quick trip to your big box store to get the magnets will complete the necessary material.

My jointer is a Delta DJ-20 with 8 inches knives (3 of them) and putting the knives back into the head is a breeze. Because putting the knives back in place is much easier, I will not push back replacing them when necessary.

I did one replacement of knives so far with the blocks and what a difference.

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