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My name is Bruno Quesnel. I am an amateur woodworker that operates in the region of Montréal, Québec.  Here is a little bit of information about myself and how to reach me.

My primary occupation is in the field of telecom engineering, which is mainly a mental job.  I get to do woodworking to work with my hands and do something that is beautiful and is made to last.  I believe in good craftsmenship and excellent execution to deliver a quality product. 

It all started with the purchase of my first home in 2004 and the garage occupancy for something other then the car.  It’s tool content evolved in time to include most of the major power tools and a good dose of hand tools to tackle rough wood and bring it to a finish product.

I believe in the concept to use the best tool to tackle the job with the most efficiency.  There are many ways to accomplish the same task through different methods and it does not mean that what I use is the best, but it works for me.

I can be reached on the different social media.  Here are my links to get to my different profiles : 

Facebook (Personnal Page) 

Facebook (Les Ateliers Bonzai’s Page)



If you would prefer to write me an email directly, here is how to reach me : info at  or you can fill in the following form while on this page.  Take time to also join our mailing list to keep up to date with our updates. 

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