Platform sans-fil Dewalt

Il y a environ 2 ans, je voulais changer ma perceuse et perceuse à impact sans-fil et dans le processus, j’ai repenser à la plate-forme sans-fil que je voulais utiliser. J’ai choisis la platform 20V de Dewalt au lithium pour différentes raison.

Un des critères était de remplacer la technologie Ni-Cad de piles qui était selon moi un peu vieillissante. Toutes les marques étaient dans les possibilités de sélection.   L’idée était aussi de limiter le nombre de fabricant de chargeur….  

Un des premiers outils qui était sur la liste a changer, fut le taille bordure à fil.  Il a fallut changer les piles à chacune des deux dernières saisons.   Ce fabriquant était malheureusement hors de la course. 

L’offre pour les outils extérieur (pas seulement pour l’atelier) était donc un critère qui devenait intéressant.   Dewalt était la plateforme qui couvrait les choix possible et offrait le plus d’outils, autant d’atelier que pour l’extérieur.  


La Perseuse et l’impact

The bonus was that it was the brushless model.  Not the XR Version but still brushless.   Next step was the edge trimmer running on the same platform and ended up buying the 20v trimmer, operating on the same 20v platform as the drill and hammer.   

The trimmer came with a 5 amp 20v battery which has been pretty sufficient for the property that I own and with some juice to spare.  


The String Trimmer

The string trimmer was the next tool on the list and I pulled the trigger on the Dewalt 20v Trimmer.  It came with a 5amp 20v Battery and suffices in the power for around the house trimming that needs to be done.  

I chose the 20v platform again to minimise on the battery platforms I need to support and so far very happy with this trimmer.   A small tap will allow the string to come out the proper amount and up we go to continue.  Very happy customer with this tool. 

The Mower

The next tool that I looked into was a lawn mower in the cordless catalog.  My gas mower was starting to be tired somewhat and wanted to change.  Using the same cordless platform to operate as many tools as possible and gain potentially extra batteries along the way is always in the back of my mind.   

Early this summer, I pulled the trigger on the Dewalt Lawn Mower.  It operates on the the flexvolt platform of batteries and comes with 2 – 5amp 20v batteries.   After operating the mower for a full summer, I like the ergonomics of the mower but the power management sucks, as reported by many users.   

I am not able to do the land in one shot with a fresh set of batteries full charge with the set that came with the mower.    Still debating as to what I will do for next year to be able to do the mowing into one session instead of breaking into 2 sessions.  I don’t own enough batteries to pull a fresh set when the first dies.  


Either I buy a second set of 5 amp or look into higher capacity of the flex volt system.   Will see over the winter time period what will be the conclusion.   



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