The Coloured Squared Maple


The Coloured Maple Squared cutting board is an ideal board many small items ranging from charcuteries, cheese or some deserts.  Its form is symmetric and of a nice thickness, feeling solid in the hands that serves the food. 

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The Coloured Squared Maple cutting board is The Squared MapleThe Squared Maple with some extras.  It includes a channel with some colours that can be chosen by yourself.  They are waxed crayons that are melted in a channel and then covered in EcoPoxy Epoxy for durability and heat protection.  

Material Used : Maple, Waxed Cayons and Epoxy

Dimensions :  30 cm (12″) x 30 cm (12″) x 1.5875 cm (5/8″) (L x W x H)

They are easy to pick up, move, serve on, and easy to wash! 

General Guidelines

If you don’t like the wood or colour combination, it is possible to change these to your liking.  The dimensions also can be adapted to your specific needs.  

Ask for the combination that pleases you and we will be right back with the details.  Please use our contact form to specify your needs.   

Please note that the picture(s) is(are) for illustration purpose.  By nature, wood will have different colours from board to board, which means that your cutting board will be different then what is pictured.  

Here is a few items that goes in the construction of all the cutting boards :

  • I use PVA Wood Glue that is certified for indirect food contact by the FDA 
  • All cutting boards are Finished with Mineral Oil, which is easy to renew by anyone and is available at any pharmacy.

For more details on the care of your cutting board, please follow this link, which will guide you for few simple steps to keep your cutting board for many years to come

If you would experience any issues with your cutting board, please consult our Return & refund policy.

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Les Ateliers Bonzai


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