More Sawing – Really like it

I have finally done half the sawing to complete the ends of a comission (my sister’s entertainment center).
These is one side of an end

This is the same board within the leg vise of my bench

This was layed out using the Rob Cosman trick with the dividers.  Not perfect layout or sawing, but it does not make me shiver too much as this is an end of a carcase so not really too visible and the fact that the other end will be of the same color, some minor defect should not show up too much.
Will take s a little break from sawing and now, lets sharpen the chisel and get into those wholes and remove the waste….

How saws saws!

I finally been able to have fun with hand saws, mainly dovetail and carcass saws.
I am building a small entertainment center for my sister and doing  dovetail joints all edges.  Now that all the joints are half done, I have had enough practice to state a few things.  Never to fight the saw and what a marvelous job this does when you realize this.
Just need to start the cut properly and the tool will do the rest of the job.  Period.
I have tried a few saws and adopted the Lie-Nielsen saws, mainly for the grip.  I had the chance to try other saws and found the grip not as a good fit as the Lie-Nielsen ones.  Not to say that other saws don’t do a good job, but for my hands, it sees a better fit.