Tool Cabinet – More Dovetails

I now have the main carcase done and can now have the official measures for the rest of the components of the tool cabinet and one main component that I wanted to address was the 2 main doors.
They are composed of 2 boxes with a frame and panel top that goes on top of the frame.  The joints for the boxe portion are through dovetails at the 4 corners.
Although I like to report on the progress of the build, I want to the the opportunity to discuss other relating topics to the build itself.


Well to cut proper joints, having the cutting portion sharp is pretty much essential and less dangerous.  This means that sharpening needs to become a habit for hand tools that are being used.
I Can only say to make it a habit to sharpen often, really.  To me, it makes it some much more enjoyable to work with sharp tools.  If you even doubt, go and hit whatever the media you use to sharpen and make it convenient to sharpen.
Same goes to the blades for power tools…  Although sharpening might be not convenient, make sure that you have sharp blades and can replace them when possible.

Dovetails Tutorial

I did follow a woodworking class a little while ago at the Rosewood Studio and we did touch cutting dovetail within the hand tool class, it’s always been a little bit of a challenge, for whatever the reason.  This is not the fault of the class that was taken, just not enough time practicing and making the muscle memory….
I lately looked at the online class at Finewoodworking about building the North Bennett street School in Boston and although I am still catching up, cutting the main carcase dovetails were pretty instructive and I believe I might pickup a few tricks. As with many things, stick with a method and keep at it for a while before changing anything.
So the case is progressing, not as fast as I would prefer, but still moving forward and I am woodworking.  And learning to practice and slow down from the fast pace of the other life.

Saw Till – Introduction

Saw Till Backgroud

After being interested by hand tools and getting a few saws, I decided to build the saw till featured in the Hand Tool School Semester 1.
If you are not familiar with the Hand Tool School, please visit click on the link included in the title.  Shannon Rogers has been running the school for a while now is close to beginning the 6th semester (as of this writing).
As I don’t own as much saws that would fit in the till yet, I was interested in the getting proper storage for the saws that I own so far and future proof the storage as the collection might grow in the future.

Few ajustments and stock selection

The species is maple as I had enough stock for the project in the shop.  I did not have quite large enough board to do sides with a one piece, but was not too far off.  The drawer front will be from cherry, which I had an off cut from a board that was pretty for my taste and was keeping for a project like this.
Other then the species of the drawer front that is different from the main stock, the thickness is also a little bit different but pretty close to the thickness that is included in the plan.  Had to adjust a little bit with the stock that was available.  Here is first look at the lumber that will be used for the build.
The till is constructed as a case with a drawer at the bottom to store different items that would relate to saws.  The saw sit on the shelf that separate the opening for the storage of the saws and the drawer.
The rough dimensioning of the lumber has started and now some of the joinery can start with some of the parts.  More to come in future posts 🙂
 Saw Till – Dovetail and More
Saw Till – Nearly Finished